Covenant of Manhattan Mennonite Church

   We identify ourselves as a people who have embraced the salvation God made available through Jesus Christ and therefore want to live out our faith commitment to God as God’s people and the church by committing ourselves to the following covenant:
   We commit ourselves to the Christ. Recognizing Jesus as Lord, we commit ourselves to a life of active following and close adherence to His teachings. Believing that there should be no discrepancy between faith and life, between what one believes and how one lives, we want to echo the affirmation of faith expressed by early Anabaptist Mennonite Christians that states: “No one can know Christ lest they follow Him in life.”
   We commit ourselves to each other. We desire to celebrate life together in Jesus Christ. We realize that we need each other and will therefore want to  contribute to the well-being of our community by caring for and loving one  another and by calling each other to a life of discipleship.
   We commit ourselves to others. Recognizing that our God personally identified with human beings by taking the form of a servant, we too want to enter into the lives of others, assuming the posture of a servant and announcing the good news of salvation. We also want to take seriously Jesus’s command to love our enemies and therefore we will seek to conduct our relationship with all people in a peaceful and nonviolent manner.
   We commit ourselves to the Way of the cross and the resurrection. The lesson of the cross teaches us that our obedience to Jesus may lead us to our very death. The resurrection, however, exposes the powerlessness of death. In our life together, we want to embrace both the tragedy of the crucifixion and the victory of the resurrection.