Call to Prayer and Fasting

Then I proclaimed a fast . . . that we might humble ourselves before our God, to seek of him a straight way for us, and for our little ones, and for all our substance.

~Ezra 8:21 (American Standard Version)

We are all disappointed that the recently anticipated sale of Ponderosa did not materialize. Given this reality, the elders of the congregation invite you to join in a time of prayer and fasting regarding our future building plans. Please join us as we commit to seeking God’s call and vision as we look for ways to carry on the ministry of Manhattan Mennonite Church as we move forward in our hope for a new and more usable building to support that ministry.

The elders suggest fasting from one meal each week, and spending that meal time in prayer. Other fasting options might be to give up an activity such as TV or social media for one day each week, substituting prayer time for that activity. You are invited to engage in this time of prayer and fasting until the beginning of Advent on November 27.

Throughout this time, we want to hear from one another about any new insights or responses that result from our prayer and fasting. One way you are encouraged to do this is to write down any reflections or commitments on the back of the friendship register as it is passed each Sunday. In addition to providing some accountability among those who sit near one another, this will also allow the pastors to receive feedback on our shared experience.

Feel free to contact any one of the pastors or elders (Melissa Atchison, Dale Hershberger, Janet McGillivary & Rene’ Smalldridge) if you have questions or further suggestions for this time of prayer and fasting.